Athlete's foot is an extremely common skin condition that is caused by infection of the top layer of the skin with one of a number of common fungal organisms.

What does Athlete's Foot Look Like?

There are several types of athlete's foot.  Most commonly, this infection will cause moist white patches between the toes or a dry, scaly rash on the soles.  Occasionally it can cause blisters in the skin.

What Causes Athlete's Foot?

Athlete's foot is an infection with a dermatophyte; a fungal organism that usually infects the very top layer of the skin.   These same fungi can cause nail infections (onychomycosis) or groin infections ("jock itch").

Who Gets Athlete's Foot?

Anyone can get athlete's foot.  It is  more common in adults than in children.  The fungi are often transmitted in places like pools, gyms or locker rooms.

How is Athlete's Foot Treated?

Topical anti-fungals are usually effective in treating athlete's foot.  Some topical anti-fungals are available over-the-counter, although the more potent ones are sold by-prescription in Canada.  More extensive or severe cases sometimes require an oral anti-fungal medication